#SYHO14: The vague nail on the head

I had heard “Hey Jude” a million times and never known what it was about. 

Then one day, I was going through some family issues, and I heard “Hey Jude” when I was in the middle of it. 

A song that used to be vague and was telling a story I was not familiar with, was now telling my specific story, and how I felt. Obviously no one else would know, the song is vague enough where it can be about a few things, and there are songs that stay vague to begin with. Songs that could be talking about someone’s pet dog or favorite guitar and we think it’s a love song. 

What is a song that you have felt might be vague to others, but tells a very specific story for you? What does it help you express?



#SYHO Day 11: How You See Me

Sometimes people see us in a way that we do not see ourselves. 

Sometimes these projections are “positive”, and sometimes they are “negative”. Recently, I shared a story with you about how a friend of mine had dedicated a song to me years ago that spoke of a girl who was “Spanish-speaking, Red-wine drinking”, both of which I was at the time. There were other qualities there that I associated with myself back then, which I liked. I enjoyed the way my friend had seen me, and therefore, accepted the projection as one of my own. 

Many times, peoplededicate songs to us for one reason or another. What is a way that people have said they have seen you which you felt resonated with how you would like to see yourself? 

Or perhaps they made you realize something new about yourself?

I want to hear it.

All my love,