Gratitude as a verb

The way that I was seeing it was, every day I get to make decisions. And some days, some decisions are harder than others. So on the days that the decisions I wanted to make on the other day get easier, I make sure to do that instead.

Lately, it’s been easier to feel good. To choose to feel better. So what I do is I sit there, and I just love it. I immediately share it. Who wants love? Do you want love? Here’s some love.

And we wait for a moment where that’s appropriate. Or avoid moments like that.

I burst in them. What’s better than feeling good? Nothing. You’re cutting out the middle man. We all love feeling good. But sometimes we tell ourselves we don’t deserve to for “really good reason” and so we wait for someone to tell us we are loveable, or make us feel loveable, or we wait for a moment to tell ourselves that we are loveable.


Let’s just be loveable.

Today I was bursting in loveability, so I went ahead and spread the joy. #SeLoFest15 means loving myself so hard it makes me want to burst into pieces.

So I did.

I wrote nine things it would make me happy if other people said to me. Then I made them into valentine cards. Then I gave them out to people who it applied to or left them in places for others to find. They had a message in the back telling people where they could find me. So if you found me…Hi!! I just wanted you to know that you’re loved.


The messages included “I like the way you think!” (top left) or “you make me laugh”, or “I trust you”. I had a lot of fun making them and I was actually super proud of how they turned out. I could totally do this whole card-making thing. You never know, it could be a business, and that’s why it’s always good to just try out new things, especially if they’re easy to do. That was yesterday. Today I focused on active positive self-talk. I have just been making sure to be super nice to myself today, and see what that feels like. Just let myself be happy, let myself Let Go. I then gave a million kisses (A MILLION!) to a paper that I cut out, and left them everywhere in San Miguel…these didn’t have any information in the back so it’s just a random someone, getting a kiss, for some random reason! šŸ™‚ It was so easy to do, I think I’ll do more of them and leave them in books at the library, like my friend suggested.


The thing about self-love is, it’s a concept you have to actually be thinking about actively. If you don’t you risk potentially passively doing harmful things because Self-Love sounds like some alien concept or New Age term.

Are you being good to yourself? Or are you ignoring the concept because you think you don’t “need” self-love?

These were questions that I asked myself and I finally listened to myself. I was gonna do what it took to be happy.

Anyway I’m thankful for you, reading this. You’re who I keep writing for.

All my Lxove,