An open letter to my hurt, from my love

Dear loved one,

Not everyone is for you, and you are not for everyone.
Not everyone will understand you.
People will judge you unfairly, just as you will probably judge others unfairly as well.

Be kind to yourself, anyway. Stick to your truth anyway. Love others anyway.

Everything that is going to happen, is going to happen anyway. You will survive it, as you have. Life goes on, as it does.

You will make mistakes, but you will also prevail. Do not focus on the losses, but on the improvements. Do not focus on the pain, but on how you’ve prevailed. Do not focus on suffering, when there is so much pleasure to be had.

Love those that love and accept you. Accept those that don’t. Everyone is simply showing you what you are and what you are not. Live your reality as best you see fit.

Trust yourself, because you are the only one that Knows. Accept your errors, you are doing the best you can.

Forgive others, they too are doing their best. What they don’t understand about you, they do not see within themselves. Love them through it.

Maybe from afar. Maybe very distantly. But love them, so that you may love that part within yourself as well.




On Empty

(SeLoFest17 Post: Day 18, click here for all prompts so far)

When there’s no more energy,
no more motivation
no more reason
no more desire
no more will
no more power
when you just
Love yourself.
When it’s dark
and stormy
and there’s nothing
nothing anywhere

What do you do? What do you give? How do you love yourself?
By allowing. By accepting. By letting yourself feel that way, accepting that this is how you feel, forgiving yourself for any way that you are hurting yourself, and rest.
Take the time to rest. Take the time for your survival, for your breath, for your brain.

Because the truth of the matter is, that no matter what you believe, you deserve that time, to hurt, to acknowledge the garbage, the shit, the blatant unfairness, the fucking injustice, the helplessness and hopelessness. You deserve the time to breathe that in, and feel those feelings. I would perhaps even say, you must. If you want to live the joy of freedom, then you must allow yourself the freedom, and you must take the time.


The Prompt: Give voice to the parts of you that you are not giving the time to.

The activity: Meditate for 30 minutes. Allow yourself to sit in your feelings. Let the voices have their space. Do not judge them, shame them, or shush them. Allow yourself the guilt that may come with them. Let the light of your meditation be forgiveness. Practice self compassion.

In your journal: Allow yourself to express your subconscious. Write or draw whatever comes forth for you. Make lists, draw circles, make dots, write poetry, allow whatever needs to come forth, to just come forth.


Something I wrote a few days ago that is my reminder of why we deserve self forgiveness.

#LUPA Day 28: Let It Grow.

(To read about and become a part of  #LUPA, start here.

You are approaching the end of a cycle…The end of the month, the end of this project. What other cycles are you currently ending…or beginning? It is essential to go into new cycles without baggage from past experiences in order to go into them with a mind clear of any residue left over by fear, prejudice, guilt, or any countless amounts of qualities that sometimes intrude on our intuition. 

I would say that the key to doing this is forgiveness. In order to be able to expand your mind, to be able to explore more of yourself, you have to let go of chains that hold you from old beliefs. By releasing old beliefs, you allow yourself to grow into your own wisdom, intelligence, intuition, understanding. 

You are your own obstacle to mental and emotional growth. Let yourself grow. 

Forgive, forget, leave behind…and look forward. If you were to release that…what would that look like? What would you enjoy? 

All my love,