Decidedly unscientific.

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I try to keep my friends in varied ages, social contexts, ethnicity, but that all have a common moral ground, to a certain extent. What I end up respecting the most is the moral ground, their intelligence. I pride myself in keeping company with something positive to contribute because that way I feel challenged to constantly be doing the same.

I try to be as compassionate and understanding in my listening as possible, because I feel like I have a privileged viewpoint from which to do that, and I should own it and use it to the advantage of my superpower.

I have always had a bit of a division with certain people when it comes to my spirituality and belief in magic. Many people lump spirituality, religion, and new age hooey all sort of into a mystical clump. Which does not bother me, but it does sometimes limit me in being able to share a perspective or exchange in dialogue about certain topics.

After overanalyzing the universe itself, and listening to what every greatest mind has ever said ever, pretty much we really don’t know what we’re talking about in regards to anything real because the universe is vaster than our understanding ever has been. There are unexplained mysteries, and unreliable telling and manipulating of historical facts, science manipulated by businesses, all of that through the lens of human perspective and the limits of human arrogance. So the only facts that are actual truth are the ones we make up and pretend that matter.

So because no one can be sure of anything, we can also not be unsure of anything. I rather not say I don’t believe or disbelief anything at 100%, because I don’t know, and no one can assure me that they do either.

So I choose to live believing and embracing more and more the magic within me, the brujeria I come from, which is a long path of walking down a foggy road without knowing too much where I’m going but just having faith in the humming within me that connects me to nature and the in-between concepts of our multi-layered existence.

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about magic in a way I’d like to share with you here:

“I believe that the creative process is both magical and magic. Because here is what I choose to believe about how creativity functions: I believe that our planet is inhabited not only by animals and plants and bacterias and viruses, but also by ideas. Ideas are disembodied, energetic life-form. They are completely separate from us, but capable of interacting with us –albeit strangely.” -Gilbert,Big Magic

There’s so much in between what seems like space around us that is not talked about, so many miracles that we do not realize, that we close off the part of ourselves that creates that magic. To me, that is called spirituality. Listening to the magic within you is to me, listening to your spirit, or soul. Listening to the spirit of the Universe.


I’ve had a hard time embracing that, because the side of me that needs to be on Earth so as to help others, often times feel like I have to choose a side.

But I have been learning how to not do that, and rather understand that magic is not a side to anything, but simply what exists between everything. It is what makes life bearable, when you See.

What is the magic within you?


The prompt: What is your magic? Do you consider yourself to be open minded? Why or why not? If you do, what is something that you close your mind to and why? Explore the reasons. Think of how you may be blocking yourself. (We all do it somehow. If you don’t think you are, you are more likely than not, hiding something from yourself.)

The activity: choose an image that you can manipulate (and turn upside down)

in your journal: draw the image upside down. Here’s an explanation about the benefits of this exercise. Try to release of control of seeing everything exactly as you feel it should be. Consider the strength you could gain from it.


Don’t walk. Fly.

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We’ve been talking about creative living a lot these days because to me, it is the active practice of self love. Giving ourselves the space to connect with our intuition is giving ourselves the access to hearing ourselves, healing ourselves, loving ourselves. That is why I believe so much in the power of Art Therapy as a supplement to anyone’s life.

Let’s revisit the aspect of fear when wanting to practice a life of creative living.

In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert writes, “You do not need fear in the realm of creative expression.” This statement is a further highlight of a sentiment we’ve explored repeatedly in the process of self love because actively learning to live a lesson takes practice and revisiting. And fear is the biggest thief of all when it comes to our creative richness.

Fear seeks to control you by wanting to protect you, except sometimes fear tells you that if you fly you will crash and die, and you live a life of walking, never knowing that a life of soaring is what you were made to do.


SeLoFest17 Challenge

The Prompt: What are areas that you seek to control and that you have justified yourself in doing? What are the limits you place on yourself?

The activity: Choose something around you that you would like to draw. You will be doing still life so you can always go for something clasically aesthetic, like fruit.

In your journal: Draw the item with the opposite hand you draw with. Observe yourself within as you do it, what feelings go through you. Focus on releasing control of the result and rather concentrating on the process. If you wish, write about the process after. (If you’re usually talented at both hands, consider drawing with your toes)

Creative Living

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In her book Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert asks “Do you have the courage to brig forth the treasures that are hidden within you?”

And I suppose that’s the premise of the book. To engage you in actively polishing yourself, discovering your own tools and shine.

I have found different effective ways to hold myself afloat and live a life of dream, with the constant efficient and loving support of my team. And one of the ways that I have discovered I can be my happiest is by making my wellbeing an active priority in my life. And I’ve found how practical art therapy can be in gently removing mental blocks and getting us to face ourselves.

Gilbert goes on to say “The courage to go on that hunt in the first place –that’s what separates a mundane existence from a more enchanted one”. Like Julia Cameron in “The Artist’s Way”, Elizabeth explains how Creative Living isn’t just for people that want to be dedicated to the Arts. There are stories everywhere of people that find different fulfillment through coming up with activities and projects they maybe hadn’t even thought of, because they discarded it from their system before ever even giving it a real chance because of fear and social conditioning.

Creative Living allows us to live what fulfills us, it allows to access the creator aspects of ourselves, to have better control of our lives.

What happens when we already feel like we’re creative living? When we are already leading a super interesting life and we feel like we are living our dream?

At that point, the next step to complete the cycle is to seek ways to share the abundance that is within us. A way to give what is great within us.


The Prompt: Do you practice creative living? Do you share what you give with others somehow? Do you volunteer, offer what you have to think, share your wisdom?

The activity: What is a project that you would like to begin within the next month? What is something that you can realistically do that you can begin doing now and will help you out in your life? let’s plan a project for your future together, and discuss action steps you can take to begin this small project to bring you more joy.

In your journal: Brain storm joy! What could you do? Make an idea forest or ocean or scenery. Just jot down ideas of things that might be fun to do.


creative living circa 2016