Privilege makes you ignorant.

I’ve had to unlearn so much garbage that I learned through the “privilege” of “class” and “education” and “race” and so on and so forth.

I recently saw a post by Subversive Thread that hit me at about 6 different angles. It was “A Guide to Coded Language in Education Vol 1.” More specifically, however, it was “Perfect Attendance” that caught my eye, as it was the one I knew and related to.


I felt like in my latest years learning about human emotions in social settings there’s been words and concepts that I have understood that I didn’t know why I had so easily accepted them into my system. And then under the brilliant work of so many educators, in this case, Subversive Thread, you learn to put it all together.

At the hands of white privilege I was taught ignorance to the reality of racial inequality. At the hands of CIS privilege I was taught ignorance to the reality of gender and identity. At the hands of class privilege I was taught ignorance to the shocking and violent disparity of wealth.
At the hands of able-bodied privilege I was taught ignorance to the body’s natural and true forms and

It was the injustices that I dealt with, my desire for community, and the hands that I was dealt that taught me to look beyond. My own moral code, my own desire made me want to make sure I could see everything. In the name of connection, and Love. That’s what started it all. The quest for Love. The discovery of how to access the Truth of it all. The quest for God, which became the same thing. The quest for Oneness, and the Truest of Truths. It all kept leading to how we treat ourselves. How we treat one another.

I think of privilege like an enormous sword, that if not wielded with intention and humility, cuts people and trees down instead of systems. Privilege has no place in communion, only in systems where there are under-privileged can there be privilege, and therefore there is no place for it in a surviving world.

That along with the never-ending lies of duality are little black holes in my logic and perspective some time. Life sometimes feels like a fool’s errand, but I do so love discovering us, and sharing that connection with other fools, impassioned by humans and our infinite brains.