The Art Of Asking

(SeLoFest17 Post: Day 16, click here for all prompts so far)

I have been sharing and dropping this video around so that people will see it, because I’ve seen it a couple of times but I believe that right now, it needs to be revisited.

An excerpt from the video:

“And through the very act of asking people, I’d connected with them, and when you connect with them, people want to help you.”

Please watch it, it truly is amazing.

Had I been more immersed in the context that Amanda Palmer is in, had I seen it sooner, understood it better, been more fearless, I would have tried to live like this much much sooner, and I believe I would have been more free, more successful and truer with my endeavors.

As it stands, I got a late start, but late is better than never.

SeLoFest Challenge

The Prompt: Is the video
The activity: is to meditate on it.
In your journal: Write a poem. About anything, and any kind of poem, it doesn’t even have to rhyme. Just write a poem.