The Revolution Will Be Musical

(SeLoFest17 Post: Day 4, click here for all prompts so far)

Between 2014 and 2016, anyone that hung out with me at nighttime, or while I was painting, knew that I have a tendency to love blue songs. Or as anyone else would call it, “sad music”. I love listening to the Blues, but also folk and acoustic music mostly with a female leading vocal and usually about heartache. The depth that these sad songs reached, scratched an itch that needed scratching. I felt heard, I felt like whoever wrote that song, had felt what I was feeling on the regular: heartache.

Eventually, with the way 2016 enrolled, a new type of music started to trickle its way into my ears, a music that spoke of resistance, and hope. When painting, I always needed the background music that the project demanded. My paintings speak to me, and it was obvious that the music had a big part to play and how I painted. In painting along to other music, I began to realize that part of helping myself get through, I would have to be more intentional about how I was setting up my context. I talked about this a couple of days ago, but music is such an enormous part of my context, that it deserves to be considered on its own. Not to mention, I believe that many people (perhaps even most?) of my generation are like me in that a big part of their day is accompanied by music.

So I have been purposefully and intentionally seeking music that uplifts me, in all ways, in all genres, to be strong, brave, and fierce.

And so, because music is such a huge therapeutic aspect of our lives, by supporting musicians that help us get there through listening and promoting their music, we are all contributing to the healing value of art.

#SeLoFest17 Challenge

The Prompt: What important artistic or media elements do you surround yourself with that may contribute to your wellbeing? Could any of them use some updating? (Think of books you read, zines or blogs you follow, tv shows you follow, comics you read, movies you watch, etc…)

The Activity: Update or explore other options that will stimulate you to be kinder, stronger, braver, more generous, and more loving towards yourself and others. If it’s music you seek, I will go below for my Fuerza Playlist.

In your journal: You can spend your time either making your own uplifting playlist, (come up with a fun title!) then share it and write out the list in your journal, or draw out the titles! Have fun, use CoLoR. Include good ol’ classics. Have at least 14 songs. Listen to the playlist for the rest of the month, share it with others, let’s uplift each other and support modern revolutionary musicians!

Musical Suggestions!

If you have Spotify, click on this link to check out my Fuerza playlist. If you don’t, here’s a YouTube playlist. (YouTube is missing many songs from independent artists that appear on Spotify so I recommend getting the webplayer for spotify which is free and you dont have to install anything)12139987_10154348152515021_8806843553971283376_o

My artistic addictions: painting, singing, and playing music