Time isn’t linear and neither are lessons. 

Sometimes you learn a lesson. And you relive it and it’s in your brain and mind and you know this lesson. But truly understanding it and applying that lesson and habit and being the living lesson takes active practice and consistent awareness. It takes a shared experience and a concious effort to be realistic with goals and limits to establish a habit. 

At least for me. 

And so sometimes it takes various errors and making mistakes and working together with others or just continuing to be in growth within one’s self. 

Releasing and letting go over and over again. Healing over and over again. 

Unlinear, constant learning. . until you stop. 

The discomfort of being my friend

There is no true freedom without growth.

And I believe in freedom,  and love. Those are my two most fundamental values. Maybe you can’t be happy. But if you’re free and you’ve got love, that’s godamn close enough. 

And there is no true freedom without growth. 

And in growth there is discomfort. Unless you’re some enlightened being beyond what I’ve learned, in which case namaste and I’m not talking to you (kiss kiss), there is no growth without discomfort. 

And so in order to know that I can grow with you, I also need to know that you’re going to be ok being uncomfortable at some point but standing by me through that discomfort, as I will try to stand by you. I have accepted that I will accidentally hurt people just like they will accidentally hurt me. That people are going through their very important lives just as I am going through my very important life. That people’s perfections and imperfections are my own. That people’s failings are my own unanswered expectations. I understand the value of holding myself accountable and responsible for myself with friends. 

I also understand the value of holding people accountable and responsible for themselves with me. It’s all about self respect and exchanging relationships with those who believe in that basic principle as well. 

It’s hard to find. But it’s worth it.  

With the willingness to admit we’re wrong, or apologizing, or considering others perspectives, learning to listen better. With that, comes resolution > growth > freedom. 

Freedom and love. Basic values. 

How do you see it?