50,000 leagues under the sea

So much of healing is surrendering to the pain.  

I’ve learned that through getting tattooed. Getting tatooed hurts. Some people handle it pretty well but most people would agree that getting tattooed hurts. 

I have particularly sensitive skin. I’m a particularly big crybaby. But the stories behind each of my tattoos and the ritual of that story is important to me and my relationship with the pain is an intimate place where sometimes it is easier to conveine with that creative energy. Surrendering to the pain because I want the tattoo. Practicing not suffering. It’s a semi controlled environment so I can handle it for a bit. But not much. 

Now im at the cruise. Im going through emotional turmoil while vacationing through the meditarranean with my family.it’s weird and painful and beautiful and exquisite. Because it’s all.  During this time of inmense peace and having to come forth with just myself and the ocean and forgotten cities, I feel the impulse to connect purely. With myself. But also with others. To not waste time on energies knowing perfectly well all along that the calibrations are made for eventual but certain dissapointment. Fulfilling my own truth, as one does. 

I’m not for suffering. But I have an intimate relationship with it. Healing is surrendering to it. For me, there can be no healing without acknowledging the pain, but that acknowledgement does not always have to come in the way of suffering or complaining. Objective acknowledging? Different things. 

And healing is always amazing because it is such a connection to a basic truth, whatever it is for you. 

Mine is that we are powerful and magical and that comes in a million sizes and spices. 
I’m just healing. It’s so deeply personall Intimate. The universe blowing secrets through your heart like wind through your hair.  


Or maybe that’s just me…listening to the ocean. 


What do you think?

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