Internet friends

7:09am    Thanksgiving 2016

Being awake at 7 in Minneapolis isnt like being awake at 7 in the countryside of Bordeaux. For one I don’t have to look outside the window to feel the snowy american sky. Outside feels cozy, my mind feels fuzzy, and somehow being closer to the source of my general anxiety these days, makes me feel more serene. More in control.

About a decade ago, when I first moved to San Miguel de Allende, I was hired to tutor a spunky, brilliant little girl named Ria, who had just moved from Texas. Through her, I met her wonderful family and had exchanges with her parents and  her brother,  Morgan. (She was about 7, he was about 14 and I was in my 20s) (I obviously don’t do well remembering numbers but like the little prince says, you need some numbers for adults to follow along with a story.) 

A little later, a group of people from Oregon came to visit San Miguel de Allende, and I will forever love that state since it has single handedly been the root of the most friends with whom I will have exchanged a meaningful friendship. Through one of them, a friend, Rocky, strongly suggested I look on Facebook for his friend Kat. He told her the same thing, and she actually listened  (thanks, Kat), and we instantly hit it off.  Through her, I “met” her awesome then-boyfriend now-husband Ashton and close friend Maren which then also meant “meeting” Kitana, Leslie, Katrina, Bear. I also “met” people through Tumblr, like Lee, Natalie and Sophie (and Moose and Lynn and KK and…). Eventually all our friendships relied heavily on Facebook due to my traveling nature and everyone being spread out throughout North America.
I’ve kind of always seen my Facebook wall as a sort of a living room that my friends walk into and so in the nature of that, friendships crossed. I started private groups to have safe conversation with the purpose of learning and growing with others. In those groups, Morgan from San Miguel, met Kat, Ashton, and Maren from Minneapolis, and Lee in San Francisco, and next thing you know, Morgan and Lee are now also in Minneapolis. (It’s a cult theyre not actually going to let me go back they’ve stolen my passports someone send me my cat).

And so finally, in a long overdo trip, I finally was able to come to Minneapolis, mostly (entirely) due to Morgan’s orchestration, but also with the entire support of the gaggle of friends that we have here. 

Amazing friends. Stunning . Breath taking. Generous. Kind. Patient. Loving. Hysterical. Intelligent. Aware. Honest. 

My breath has been repeatedly knocked out with how loved I feel and how easy it is to love them back. 

I brag about my friends constantly, because I wear my relationships like a badge of honor. I work at being better to be happier with myself and also be of complete service to humanity. And the people that respond to that, while also dealing with my very complicated character, are a reason of pride and joy. 

My friends, but really, my family, is spread out throughout the world. Facebook, instagram, twitter, all those things allow me to regularly anchor in my relationship with these gorgeous human beings. With you. 

I am grateful for the unabashed love and eclectic array of personalities in the Minesotta crew. Humbled to the floor and learning the meaning of community. Today, out of all days, I needed to testify to that. To write this down. To celebrate.

The conversation, the ways that my mind constantly expands after each sentence every one states…the creativity and art, the difference of opinions but intention to listen and understand…

And that their humanity and compassion is not limited to friends here. My people, these loves, has a unique factor that contributes to the balance of fairness and justice to the world. Compassion, but with their own spin to it. 

We are not the center of the universe. We see others. We want to help. We do. 

It is my honor to be a part of any community that has that heart. 

And today, Thanksgiving 2016, I cannot speak of gratitude and community without saying…

After all the history of mankind…

After the moment we are living right now…

I bow in gratitude before the first nations people in standing rock. I am humbled by their spirit. May I, and this bold hearted group that has adopted me, continue to be a part of the courage, and voice, to support and protect the water. And anyone anywhere, that can be compassionate, and contributes to fairness for all. 

In love and power and deep gratitude


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