I was taught to learn to give myself what I wanted from others.

Sometimes I would think of that mantra and think to myself, “bullshit“, insulted that it would somehow be against cosmic balance to desire and need things from others.

Do we not reproduce? Is that not itself, a basic need for each other, in order to literally exist?

Other times I relished the freedom brought by such a simple concept.

That type of bipolarity in the methods of self love is not at all unfamiliar with me. I thrive on the validation of a respected few that form up my family. It has fluctuated as my residence has, from one place to another.

The life of a traveler is as lonely as it is bursting with company.

My survival instinct and adaptability game are pretty strong…but there are powers out there that are meant to be had by no less than two.

Like desire.
Like creating a home. A family.

What’s the balance there?
Love, probably.

But there’s a few blanks to fill before that, I think.


What do you think?

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