I think sometimes I hide (a cat wrote this)

I think sometimes I hide.

While I expose myself belly up
Inviting you in with vulnerability
But if there’s one thing
every cat owner knows
Don’t abuse vulnerability.
I try to bring people in to my joy
Because sometimes they let me
And I live their joy too

And we’re in joy.

But other times I hide.
I’m not sure from who but it’s there, the opportunity to not be seen,
And I take it.

Because now it’s only about joy.

I spend a lot of time preparing myself
To find joy
Like it’s a
Scavenger hunt.

But actually
It’s more about
Sitting still

And letting joy come to you.
And I need to shut out the world from telling me what it’s supposed to look like.
You know.
“It”. (The joy)
So I hide. And just do It.

Learning and making mistakes
Is apparently
An intrinsic part
Of it

And then that joy
Becomes silent
Yet somehow
So much more

And so instead of leaving myself belly up,
I am still. In hiding. Away from
The cold metallic sharp edges That
Sometimes come
With vulnerability

Good thing I have nine lives.

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