There was an Antillaise catholic brown woman, a Muslim morrocan brown man, and me in a car. We all asked each other questions about religion, race, culture. We all taught each other. No one was a victim, no one was an oppressor.

How do I talk about racism without perpetuating victimhood? 
How do I talk about feminism without perpetuating victimhood?
How do I talk about being oppressed, without perpetuating victimhood?
How do I talk about the division there is among us without perpetuating that division?

I am so tired of battling with hate and anger. All it seems to do is perpetuate anger, fire, hatred, separation, and victimhood. I am tired of feeling like I am victimizing people. I am tired of western culture telling me I am a victim.

Maybe, I should just listen, and battle with my spear of compassion.

But I am so tired of the mentality of “it is not our job to educate. Educate yourselves.” That is perpetuating an us vs them mentality. It continues to separate.

I don’t have the answers, I don’t have the solutions, but a constant flow of anger and “They Are the opressed” cannot be the answer.

Maybe there is an us vs them, but it isn’t an opressors vs the opressee. Maybe the us vs them, is in how people have chosen to deal with this problem. Maybe blind ignorant love isn’t the answer either, maybe that’s a privilege that doesn’t perpetuate privilege.

But maybe, it’s about us who are compassionate, vs them, who are angry.

And the more I hear about how screwed up the world is, the shittier I feel.

But the more that I am in multicultural settings where we all feel empowered, and we all understand that We Will Not be victimized, and the more we allow others to ask questions about our culture, our gender, our hair, our eyes, our skin, our religion, our body shape, maybe that pepetuates further empowerment. Maybe instead of internalized mysoginy,  I’m just tired of society telling me that I’m a victim, and that I oppress people because of my skin or privilege.

Maybe, the way to empower myself and others so that there are no people being oppressed, is by empowering myself and others.

I will never stop being as good as I can for myself and the world.

But after seeing so many people, so many cultures, so many races choosing compassion over anger, and seeing the immediate effect it has over creating a better world…

I will no longer victimize myself or others.

At some point, there’s got to be something besides anger.

I don’t know.

I don’t know anything at all.


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