To The Stranger Who’s My Friend

To the Good People on the planet:

To the ones listening closely enough to know to be angry.

To the ones who feel the truth is somewhere between science and the “mystical”.

To the ones who live by the sun and feel by the moon

To the ones who don’t want to be well-adjusted to a sick society.

To the ones fighting for themselves and others like them to have a voice.

To the ones who feel too much, all the time.

To the ones who have taken mainstream beauty standards and told them to stick it.

To the ones having the conversations that your parents are too uncomfortable to have.

To the ones who have opened their eyes to how deep in the matrix we all are and how there’s no going back.

To the ones that are “woke”.

To the ones trying to create a career for them made of passion and unique talent.

To the ones that don’t identify in any box except for the one marked Kind.

To the ones whose first language is love.

To the ones stuck in a city, state, country, where people may speak your idiom, but not your language.

To the ones that want to give, wholey, fully.

To the ones made of compassion and ferocity.

To the ones that know the unquestionable courage of vulnerability.

To the witches,  the wildwomen, the bohemians, the painters.

To the rebels.

To those that spent their time rebelling against the expectations placed on them.

To those who listen closely to their intuition, nature, and believe at least a little bit in magic.

To the ones who love humanity unforgivingly, and without apology.

I hope that if you are out there, you read this and know that yes, it’s true, I’m here, and I am just as strange as you.




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