I’m in a truck.

You know those huge trucks that you pass by on the highway that make you feel like the little guy at the lunch table when you’re in between two of them?

I’m in one of those.

It’s 10:28PM and we’re on a highway in Toulouse. It’s dark out and there’s fog on the street. Normally, at a moment like this, I’d be listening to some kind of foggy music to really help set the mood in. Instead, I’m listening to heavy metal, because it’s what the driver prefers and we’ve been going back and forth sharing our music. So I’m listening to Slayer.

If I look up there’s a red light reflecting on the ceiling above me. The cabin part of the truck is well built, it’s made for overnight deliveries and thus has a little cot behind the front seats. The dashboard has different light options, Bluetooth access to speakers that aren’t half bad so you can plug your mp3 playing device. You can see that it was thoughtfully designed and engineered.

So we’re driving in the fog now listening to Limp Bizkit, and I’m aware of myself squirming in my seat. I’m ecstatic, over brimming with excitement; I remember back to me telling me him what an adventure this was and him responding with an incredulous life. Like what could possibly be exciting about riding around in a truck.

And I get that kind of questioning from a lot of people. “Where’s the adventure in this?”

I guess it depends on how you define an adventure.

To me, an adventure is simple, it’s an opportunity to exercise your creativity. If something pushes you to see things in a different way, and you catch yourself learning something new, that’s an adventure. And I LOVE adventures. My life is SO fun because of adventures. My view on things and perspective is constantly expanding and I’m learning and getting to relate and understand other people. Not all adventures are exciting, nor do they have to be.

But this one sure is! My mind is brimming with new perspective.
I’m aware of a whole new aspect of jobs out there, a deeper look into our civilization and technology. This ride resulted in so many mental and emotional opportunities.

Like an unexpected appreciation in auto mobile construction, leading to the remind of how beauty can be found anywhere if we shed our expectations of what it should look like.

In the adventure, I also found a perfect moment to meditate…and write. To share this with you. To tell you that I’m in a truck, and man, I’m loving every minute of it.

Keep on truckin’. šŸ˜‰

Till then…
All my love,

On the road


2 thoughts on “I’m in a truck.

  1. I love your sense of adventure and your perspective. It’s all how you look at it! It also brought to mind a story of my 15 yr old self, a restless flower child of the 60’s. I would walk down to Pacific Coast Highway and stick out my thumb with no destination in mind just to see how far I could go before I had to make it home for dinner. Once a young sailor on a motorcycle picked me up and I talked him into letting me drive with him on the back! The song “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf came out that year: “Head out on the highway, looking for adventure” You and I understand that don’t we Maelle? Xoxox Chris


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