She shifted her sails…and all was well.

I think I may have abandoned my website a little. I’m moving a lot, there’s too much change going. I would say that it was silly to think I could keep my business going while I moved, but I didn’t. Think, I mean.

I told you guys what I did, right? Well, now I’ve been here (“here” being la rochelle) for 4 months, And in France for 5. Holy shit, next month I will have been in France for half a year.

Here’s La Rochelle in yellow. Yep I live next to the ocean.

Every decision I had made had been made on a whim. I hadn’t taken the time to think about my business life.

And then, I did. And I couldn’t figure out what I was doing, or what to do. Sure I could keep working on Skype with Americans and other English speakers, but did I really want to continue to market myself all the time to be someone’s coach?

It took a while for me to realize the answer was no. I wanted to live my life, and assist others, and continue to be of service…but the way that I was willing to, and able to help, shifted and changed depending on where I was.

What would I do for money then? No one ever talks about how to afford quitting your job and going out to live some crazy dream life.

Well, I dont know how everyone else does it, but here’s how I do it: International Prostitution;

Juuuust kidding.

The real answer is I do it day by day. Sometimes I work as a waitress, other times I do freelance writing, translating…In France, there’s a lot of financial aid for people looking for jobs and getting settled. Other times, people believe in your cause and they donate money as a way to keep you doing your thing.

I’m trying to live life in a way that a lot of people nowadays are doing but it doesn’t mean it’s easy at all. It’s just as hard to do this as it is to get a job that you go to every day, if not harder because it’s a daily hussle. This week pays for next week shenanigans. But then it does something fantastic. it forces you to minimize. To prioritize. Think about it…All that stuff around you..why do you have it? A lot of times, the reason why we have things is just to distract us, appease us, so that we can continue to do what it is we think we want to be doing or think we should be doing.

It wasn’t by accident that I made it to 31 without children. Being single, for the most part, is actually kind of awesome. Being alone? Not so much. So I look for friends. That pushes me out to. How long will this person and I be friends for? Will they still write me if I were to leave? Is this person even worth the trouble?

And so..I think I gave up my website because I’m still in a lot of movement. I need to figure out what I can and want to do. How to continue living this life. In the meantime, however, I’m living. I’m just living. Right now I’m resting. I didn’t realize I needed to. I didn’t realize I could. So I’m resting. Giving my body and mind time to adjust to all the craziness I put it through.

Am i going to stop doing the Love Letters?

I dont think so, no…I just need to figure out what it is I’m doing. In the meantime, today I scratched up an item on my bucket list. Actually, the first item on my bucket list. I did’t use to have one, but I figured in France, why not!

Today I went on a day trip to Bordeaux, and I had a glass of Bordeaux…in Bordeaux.

In a beautiful plaza that people dream of drinking wine. With a guy singing opera and playing the guitar. In positively charming company. (French guys, amirite?)

So….I hear you. I’m off Facebook and not everyone likes it, so I’ll get back on. I just have to set some intentions, and before I do that, I have to figure out what they are.

Thanks for still being there….For still reading and listening. I do this with you. 🙂

What do you think?

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