When I think of intention-setting, I think of the wildflower that has had the intention to grow, and doesn’t think to stop at cement, snow, or pollution. Perhaps its due to its own blindness to obstacle or faith in itself and nature, but I do know it all starts with intention.

Intention setting is something I’ve spoken about before and that has a sort of implied importance. There have been days where I have very much had the Inception effect where someone would say key-phrases that I would make into my intention. I think that’s part of (if not all)the magic behind mantras. It’s a simple statement that clearly and simply explains to your brain what direction you’d like to take in regards to something.

My resolution for 2015? “Live simply.” And it was as if I had cast a spell on my entire life. Every day has been making decisions that facilitate my life. When something goes wrong I ask myself, “what does this change?” and then I go one by one thinking “does any of it Really matter?” because that’s when it’s time to make decisions and hold yourself responsible for Your part.

My intentions should never be limiting, or chain me down. In other words, they should never come with expectations.

I am also gentle with myself and don’t beat myself up is things aren’t going “according to plan”.

Sometimes, I do things very simply, tiny, and loosely. For example, “it is my intention to be joyful and bright” and a way that I remember that is by wearing a lot of different colors. They make me really happy sometimes. I also appreciate darker tones, or more neutral tones, but bright miscellaneous colors are so much fun. Intention setting doesn’t HAVE to be huge and take a long time, every intention carries the energy that you give it and you’ll know what it is you have to do to give it more or less.

Set intentions in the morning, at night, all the time. This month’s intention has been to take every opportunity I can to feel good, do good, share goodness. I’d like to think that’s what I do with my life, but given the high’s and low’s, sometimes I don’t give or share as much as I’d like. So when I can? I multiply it by every cell in my body and soak it in Intention.

Have you heard of intentions before? What’s your relationship to them?


All my love,


What do you think?

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