Self-Love Fest Day 2: DIY Natural Facial

Yesterday was Day 1 of the #SeLoFest15 (or, Self Love Fest 2015!!) And since it was Sunday I spent it celebrating myself and my friends and trying to generally stay off the internet and my phone.

It was magnificent! I saw so many friends as a one-on-one event, and there was a lot of authenticity. It was splendid. I was basking in love.

Today, has been quite a Monday (with a capital M!) and I’ve been super productive and busy. Because of the joys of being self-employed, I can find a minute in my busy day of working, cleaning, and MORE working to do a bit of a natural face mask.

I love being able to design my own schedule, but sometimes what I want is to be busy from morning to night. Today has been one of those days where I woke up at 7:45 am and went straight to work. I’ve already gotten so much done, and am actually excited about the second part of my day in which I will spend on my other job which is that of translating this phenomenal book that talks about a DMT toad but…more on that another day!

I decided that during my Lunch Break I’d do something fun, creative, healthy, and natural! What a bunch of great words, right? The intention during this face washing was going to be clear though…treat myself to this little gift and moment to my self before taking off to work again.

NOTICE: Before using any products, do your own research so that you know whether or not you want to do this yourself! I’ve tried and tested these before and am always trying new natural ways to take care of my skin and hair as  my goal is to minimize the amount of products I consume and buy. 

Here are the ingredients I use, and in parenthesis, what I use them for.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar (Cleanser/Toner)
2. Water (cleanser)
3. Rose Petals (scrub)
4. Sugar (scrub)
5. Coconut Oil (scrub)
6. Olive oil (moisturizer)



  • Rose Petals, Coconut Oil, and sugar for the Rose Petal Scrub (recipe): Face scrub
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: 1 part vinegar for like 4 parts water. I use this as a face cleanser, tho a tiny bit of vinegar on a cotton pad can sometimes be used as toner when your face is extra oily. I would never use it daily, however, as it’s super rough on my skin.
  • Olive oil: Moisturizer


  1. Step one was get your face totally wet! I use a towel because it is my absolute favorite way to clean my face. A small face towel makes cleaning so much easier and the mess to a minimum. Be gentle, you don’t want to be rough with your face at all or you’ll end up hurting your skin.
  2. Grab a small glob of the sugar scrub, and spread all of over finger tips. In gentle circular motions, rub into all over your face making sure to get it along your hairline, under your chin…Avoid the area around your eye because it is super sensitive! On the other hand, you can totally use this yummy exfoliator on your lips!
  3. Wash off with face towel, once again gently. First just use water to get all the sugar off, then use the white vinegar solution to finish cleaning all the coconut oil off your skin. Pat try with a towel! Keep being gentle.
  4. On a cotton pad, put a small dab of olive oil and then blot the cotton all of your face. I blotted and spread super gently all over the areas of my skin.
  5. I used the  face towelette (with just water) to clean off any excess oil. I’ve done this a few times so I got it right on the first try, but I used to have to to reapply oil and then clean off water a few times before I felt sufficiently moisturized without it feeling too oily.
  6. Pat dry with a clean towel, SMILE! 😀

Hope you enjoy treating yourself today to your own facial! Let me know if you make the sugar scrub. Obviously you don’t need the rose petals but they’re so much more fun to add to the scrub!

The best part of this is that I now have tons of leftover and as soon as I find some cute container I’ll be gifting it to people for February!

have fun with your self-care, you are a lovely creature.

All my love,



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