Somewhere between skepticism and trust

I’ve been so much at places now where because I am willing to believe in other ways of thinking. I have opened my mind to other processes, I have given benefit of doubt, I have open my mind to accepting and understanding other forms of seeing things, and what has been happening is that I find myself being able to understand every thing else so much more.

It’s like I was so wanting to make sure that I was always just a little bit skeptic in all of my own beliefs, that I would sometimes forget to look into the beliefs I was afraid of, and maybe believing a tiny thing in them.

Nothing that’s ever self-deprecating. But for example, somehow combining intuition and evidence. Heart and fact. Navigating within the information and knowledge out there, always understanding that this world and the human mind is so much more vast than anyone out there explains it to be, and therefore none of us could ever really be like “yes this is all and ultimate” but having the possibility to shape a different reality.

Like everyone tells you “you can do anything” and you know, you say “Well I can’t fly.”

Azmeem DeviantArt


But then you fly a plane, or go sky diving, or bungee jumping, or parachuting, or hot-air ballooning, and so it might not be flying but it’s an entirely new mind-blowing experience that is still real and it’s up there. 

And I guess that’s the best way I can explain that thought.


What do you think?

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