Monster Love!


I got together with the inner voices in my head my creative manager, and came up with what I thought what a demon, a vampire, a mummy, and Frankenstine’s Bride would know about self-love.

Conclusion? I am absolutely atrocious at accents. Good thing I love my day job. Enjoy, don’t forget to comment!

Here’s the how-to!

For the demon

You’ll need blue paint, black, white, and whatever make up you want to do afterwards. (I continued that variation of colors.)

First step, turn yourself into a smurf. This is the first layer I did. Make sure to blot if smearing is leaving marks. It depends on your paint.


Second, I used the natural shade of my face and darkened it with black. Here I did my cheekbones, around my nose, my eyebrows, neck, and under my mouth so that these features don’t get lost in the blue. 

Next up you’re doing the opposite which is the highlighting. Someone who is excellent at pre-planning would’ve known to do this before the black. I am not that person. So, do it before. Here I did my eyebrows, cheekbones, my nose and chin. Make sure you are always touching up the blue before hand.


Here I blended everything and applied dramatic and exaggerated eyeliner so that my eyes would stand out. You could apply fake eyelashed if you want to look more feminine. I did purple lispstickm outlined it with black, and applied white make up to make my lips look like they were shining.


Accessorize and rawr!!


For vampire look:

First thing I did was put a bit of concealer everywhere to even out my skin tone, then I applied gray facepaint all over my face. I defined my brows with black face paint.


The second step is to highlight and shade. Use the natural light to tell you where to put white or lighter paint, and where to put darker paint. I applied dark circles under my eyes and darkened my eyes to make them look hollow and small. I highlighted my brows.I put darker gray on my cheekbones, and right under my mouth.


I applied grayish lipstick though purple and blue could work too so long as they’re a more “dead” tone. Then I used red lipstick and liner to create a “just bit-in” look. I touched up the gray, and put dramatic black eyeliner around my eyes, and dramatized my eyebrows. Another important thing that I didn’t do since I was going to use this for another costume as well, was add a widow’s peak! it’s a must for a vampire.




Have a fantastic Halloween, and be kind to yourself!



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