A note to dream-creators

There’s a moment in which you decide you’re going to launch yourself into a project.

What happens is that you say “alright. Alright here I go. Today I’m going to Do it.”

And it’s this thing that you’ve been afraid of doing, and so you tell yourself ok here goes, it’s going to happen, and then it does.

But you fall, and you flumber, and you fail, and you fall flat on your face with a big red capital F and it absolutely sucks.

And here’s the thing you gotta realize. That will happen. It will. Take that in there, breathe it in, be ok with how uncomfortable the prickling certainty of failure is. Hold that in there and breathe out, realize that you’re alright, that you have failed before and yet here you are. Then realize another undeniable certainty. Just as it will one day happen that you will fail, it will also absolutely happen that you will succeed.

Such is life.

To be afraid of the possibility of the pendulum swinging the other way and attempt to live a life without failure is a denial of our own nature, a muzzle over our imagination, and a stagnation of our creativity.

You try and you fail.

But then here’s the thing –you also succeed. And the more you succeed, the more you know about how to continue to succeed. And here’s the super great positive kicker twist:

The more you fail, the more you know about how to continue to succeed ANYWAY.

So no matter how many times you lose, you’re still winning.

Remove the illusion of fear having you locked in its grip by redefining failure. I have found friendship in “failure”. I have found my backbone in “failure”. And in the end, I have succeeded. Like the saying goes, all is well in the end. If all is not well, it isn’t the end yet.

Every master piece starts with a few brushstrokes. Get painting.

All my love,


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