Holding The Space

Have you ever heard the expression “Holding the space”?

I think the best examples of this for me have been USM and any spiritual even that I’ve been to where there was some kind of Shaman or spiritual leader.

Holding the space is something invisible, yet palpable that people who are familiar with energy recognize as a way to support with someone without really appearing to do anything.

Holding the space means not judging someone, and accepting the situation that they are in. It means sending energy that is good for them, and clearing the energetic space between you and them and around you. It means setting a clear intention to hold your energy and there’s in light and positivity so that they can expand in their consciousness and resolve what they’re going through without all the bad juju going around. It gives the person an opportunity to be strong. It gives them an opportunity to do what they need to without being weighed down by the energy that expectations may carry. You are telling them that you are there for them, energentically watching their back, and that you are not judging them nor expecting them to behave any which way.

Imagine the possibility of being able to get over something when people aren’t sitting around expecting you to continue to be sad. Imagine how easily you could finally step over something if everyone around you is already ready for you to be ok. Imagine the freedom of growth when you know that every tool you need is within you and that people have complete faith in that you will handle things the way that you best know how.

Whenever someone tells me about a situation where I immediately want to go “oh no!” i think of the times that people have been in similar situations and have completely thrived despite their so-called sad event. So if I allow someone the space in which to think, “maybe I’m stronger than this”, then that’s already doing a world of good. You can’t solve people’s problems for them, but you can believe in their own ability to do so.

Below, I made a video where I talk a little about what holding space might look like, how I do it and what it’s about. I look forward to learning more about it, having lots more experience with it, and making more videos on it to show you guys what it might look like to hold the space.


What do you think?

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