#SYHO14 Day 17: Second Listen

I was working out a project paying special attention to the kinks, thinking about all the other projects I wanted to work on, not really knowing how I was going to balance everything out or if I was going to have enough time to do it all, when my attention shifted to the song that was playing in the background, (Skin and Bones album live version of the Foo Fighter’s song “Everlong”) right when the lead singer had sung out “promise not to stop when I say when”. 

The line hung in the air for the second it took the band and audience to breathe in, and then the song continued. But that half a second that we were all suspended in silence, the line echoed in my brain like everything that I had been thinking about up until that moment had just come to witness this concert, of this one line, and it was that. “Do not stop, when I say stop.”

The line echoed everything I’d been trying to tell myself, all the things I’d been promising. “Remember this, Maëlle, remember this” I’d tell myself over and over again, sometimes tattooing it on my skin, other times trying to tattoo it in my heart. 

To keep going, that I am always capable of more, that I can continue, that I can pursue. 

I listen to music that inspires me and moves me, and I do this in moments that I am prone to being moved. In what ways are you letting music move you? 

What is something that is being whispered to you through music that you may not be hearing otherwise? 

Listen again.