#SYHO14: Folk music and your folks

The whole car would join in a collective groan whenever my  mom would put on music. On roadtrips, and while cooking for the holidays, she would always choose whichever music she wanted, and it was always the same: vallenatos. It was music from her country that she had grown up listening to; it was the only music my mom ever listened to. We didn’t like it because we didn’t get it, and the fact that we felt forced to listen to it probably didn’t help. 

Eventually, I moved away from my mom, and I was not obligated to listen to vallenatos at all anymore. 

But then one day while living in France on my own, I missed my mom. 

I missed her so much, I decided I wanted to listen to her music.

And that’s how vallenatos became the music I had grown up listening to. As I began paying more attention to the lyrics, I realized these songs were where I had come from. There were love songs, songs about country, songs about land, songs about our history and our people. 

It isn’t good to stay in the past, but it isn’t good to forget it, either. Cherish it, respect it, accept it. 

What type of music links you back to your own personal history, or links you to your ancestral history? Is there a music that links you to your own past? 


How did your parents musical taste influence your own? 

And for you, a song from my country. 

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All my love,