#SYHO14: Papa.

I grew up having two fathers. 

There was my father, who my mother had married and had me with, then there was my dad, who was the man my mother remarried when and who pretty much adopted me and I grew up with. 

I had no issues growing up knowing who to follow. I knew who my father figure was. 

It was a combination of them both. It was “Jaimito”, and it was “papi”, and there was no confusion in my mind that I could hold them both in my heart. 

They have both been the pillars of me learning what unconditionally loving someone looked like, as well as unconditional forgiveness. 

I dedicate a song to my father all the time, one that is by Carla Bruni for her brother, who passed. Essentially the song was very sad, but the first time I heard I always felt it was bittersweet. It was saying hello to someone who was far away. As it turns out, her song was about saying goodbye to someone who was close. 

And for my dad’s 60th birthday, I wrote him a song. 

Those songs help me remember how I feel about my fathers. 

What about you? What’s the presence they’ve had in you? How have they affected you? What songs have helped you express how you feel about your paternal figure? 

All my love,