Everything about me is becoming smaller

For the past few years I have become the type of person who collects and keeps less items, who travels and lives with less, who tries to make the space around her count.

The more I lessen the things around me that weigh me down, the more I found myself. I was thinking about this a few days ago, when a poem came to mind. 

Here’s a poem for you. 

Everything about me is becoming smaller

My own personal space, and then my personal space with you

Everything is more compact

I have shaved off the things I thought truly identified me

in the search for what identified me, truly

I am not done

I am continuously searching

but every time I touch you

a Star

the star shines bright back at me. 

And let me tell you the space in the light is eternal

so I become smaller and smaller

make the space around me smaller and smaller

more compact

easier to take care of

easier to maintain

easier to care for that space

easier to fill with the Eternity of the Light that shone so bright before.

everything about me is becoming smaller and smaller

and now the distance that I must go

in order to find myself

has become smaller and smaller as well

and I am there


for the largeness that is me

to expand

and expand

till in the small space that is me

there is only the eternity of me

and nothing else.



What do you think?

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