#SYHO14 – Day 10: If you weren’t you then who would you be

Have you ever pretended to be someone else?

Ever been talking to someone who maybe you didn’t want knowing your real name and made up a fake one?

Or for whatever reason or another you’re out in public on your own but come up with a different character for yourself? Maybe one that has a whole other personality that isn’t yours, or maybe someone that just has characteristics you wish you had?

A couple of weeks ago, I got asked to model (as in, walk down a catwalk!) for a fashionista in my town who will be having an extravagant fashion show in this extravagant club here in San Miguel. 

The entire time I was there in the first rehearsal, and then the second, I pretended to be someone else. 

Modeling was not something I myself would have ever caught me doing, not down a catwalk. I would not have had the confidence or attitude to strut down a catwalk. So when I got there the first Monday, I pretended. I pretended I was someone who would model, someone who had the confidence and attitude to pull it off. I didn’t wait for anyone to tell me I was doing it right, I just pretended I was. 

And do you know what happened? The personality traits I was trying to adopt as mine, became a part of me. The last times I went to the rehearsal, I could feel myself getting better, people clapping, saying “great! fantastic!” as reassurance that they too liked what I was doing. 

This is when “fake it till you make it” (one of my favorite mantras ever) is yet again what got me through. 

I believe that faking it till you make it allows you to go to the other side of the “what if I did it” and shows you that nothing happened, there was nothing to be afraid after all. It shows you what the situation would look like if you did just went ahead and did it, and then by then it’s done and you can proceed as necessary. 

Combined that with the fact that I love music because it motivates me, you’ve got a recipe for something that may just help you vanquish that fear or nervousness or doubt. 

Here’s one of the songs that I’ve been humming to myself as a way to get me motivated for the modeling I’ll be doing this month!

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It’s ended up being a BLAST. I am so excited about the part that I’ve gotten to take in this, the experiences have been so unique and they’ve really allowed me to have fun doing something I otherwise never thought I’d get to do. 

I like new experiences (well, pleasant ones. Not ones that are like cutting your finger off or jumping off cliffs.) and this is exactly what it’s been. Who knows, it’s not over yet, who knows what kind of amazing lessons I’ll learn. 

Share a song and a story with me about a time you pretended to be someone you weren’t in order to help you get over something you didn’t think you could otherwise.