#SYHO14 – Day 9: The movement in me

I love the sound of an electric guitar. I like the sound of a lot of different musical instruments; saxophones, accordions, bagpipes. But the sound of an electric guitar, resonates with me deeply. A good guitar solo always satisfies me in ways that entire compositions and songs cannot. It reminds me that I am human, of my emotions, my sensitivity. 

For this reason, I also love entire pieces of music that sometimes have no singing, so that the singing can be in me, within me, my mind and the music becoming one and telling a story of their own, instead of being guided by lyrics.

I believe that it can be a type of meditation to allow your spirit to flow with music in a way that urges the rest of you to fall silent and hear the vibrations within you instead.

So, even though it is a sunny Thursday, I leave you with a Stormy Monday. One of the most delicious pieces of music to vibe to, where the electric guitar is the star, and the voice simply a compliment.

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All my love,