#SYHO14 – Day 6: Who You Are

“If I had  a soundtrack, this song would definitely be in it” I say as I play “By The Way” by No Doubt, a song that not many people know, but was dedicated to me by  a friend of mine around the time when I was 16. We learn to identify ourselves with books, with songs, with entire albums, with movies. Sometimes the stories of others tells ours so much better than we ever thought imaginable. Sometimes, we tell people “Here. Listen. This is me.” 

They may or may not get it, but the message is out there and expressed, which is so crucial to the process of being heard, and listened to. 

What is something lately that you are having trouble expressing? What is a song that has moved you, said the things you want to say? 

I want to listen to you.

Make a playlist if you have to!

Can’t wait to hear it.


All my love,




What do you think?

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