#SYHO14 – Day 5: You’re so vain you probably think this song is about you

I remember Sundays at University of Santa Monica. 

They were my favorite day. We would finish each weekend by listening to a song that would anchor in all the love of the weekend. Many times, they would say “imagine this song is from your higher self, to the little one within you” or things like that. It completely changed how I saw romantic love songs. 

The beautiful love songs I wished people would dedicate to me, now I could dedicate them to myself. Sure, it isn’t the same thing, but it opened a whole new way for me to experience love for myself. 

What’s a love song that sounds like it might be about someone else, but is actually a song that you could dedicate to yourself? 

Make a whole playlist for yourself if you have to, to tell yourself how much you love yourself. 

In case you need to get you started, here’s one I dedicated to myself this morning.

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All my love,