#SYHO14 Day 3: A friend after your own heart

“When I serenade you, I want to be hiding” she says as she gets ready to play the song she wrote.

What I find the most ironic, is that the first three minutes and a half of the video are composed of her explaining her process in becoming a musician, (how scary that was) and the vulnerability it took to admit she could do it. But singing, that part was where she drew the line of exposure.

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Which –you know– I get. 

There’s a story behind every person that makes your insides vibrate with the universe, and Sarah has a fantastic one.

Every exchange I’ve ever had with Sarah has left me something, taught me something, or otherwise moved me to question myself. She allows me to be my beautiful clumsy self, and reflects its beauty back to me through her own stumbling. She’s a Human (with a capital h!) that has transformed how I have lived my life, and it is her vulnerability and that of others that have inspired me to expose myself as well, in the hopes that it’ll attract more people like this in my life. 

As it turns out, that’s exactly what has happened.

The video above, from the way she speaks, the sensitivity that comes through her eyes, the wisdom that comes through her words, to the poetry of every lyric sang as they urge and coax the piano notes to play stronger, it all spoke to me, it all shook me the first time I heard her song in the CD, for the second time. 

The history behind me and Sarah’s Poetry is that I read it and heard it once and then put it away and didn’t listen to it or read it again. I had found them beautiful, a piece of Sarah, but they had spoken to me from a foreign place, something that belonged to her and she was sharing with me as opposed to something that now belonged to us both, the way we make a song ours. 

The second time around, the song had only began to whisper the first few chords and I could tell I was going to like the song. You know that moment in a movie trailer or in a music hook where you just know.

The lyrics shook me to my core because it was my story. And then it became my story again, in a different way. And then once more, in yet another way. And the song grew with me, and instead of it becoming a sad song I did not want to hear, it became a celebration of my own recognition of my ability to let go and move on. 

It was my own personal “Let it go“, if you will. (Seriously that song is so applicable to everything.)

Who is someone you personally know that sings or has written a song that has shook you to your core? Someone whose story may not be the same as yours, but it speaks the same language.