#SYHO14 Day 2: The Right Music For Silence

I like music pretty much all the time. 

I like music when I’m working, in which case I will listen to movie soundtracks, depending on what I’m working on it might range from the Harry Potter soundtrack to the Jurassic Park or Pirates of the Caribbean. 

When I’m sleeping, I like to listen to very calm and sleepy type music (Iron and Wine is good for that, or Coldplay and some of Radiohead’s older stuff.) 

But some times, I like music because it makes me feel safe. It provides an atmosphere that is conducive to whatever you want to feel. We all like that, which is why the soundtrack to a movie –or the lack thereof– is always so crucial in what the movie is going to communicate to you. 


What music makes you feel comfortable?

What lies in that comfort? What is the familiarity that it provides, or what opportunity that you could not get otherwise does it provide? 



What do you think?

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