#SYHO14 – Day 1: Musically Inclined

Welcome to the Sing Your Heart Out challenge 2014!!!





Music has been, for a very long time, my rescue. I have gone from listening to music, passively, to taking part in it actively, learning to play an instrument, to make music myself, and singing and feeling the music coming from within me, and out of me.  

I believe that many times the reason why we do things that stifle us somehow or to help us get “inspired” is because there is something within us that we do not know how to let go or express in a healthy way, or we’re afraid of what may come forward. We end up doing things like drinking, doing drugs, smoking cigarettes, or what that may look like for others is occupying your brain with work or video games. 

Sometimes we do things to relax, yes, but other times, we do it out of fear of what may happen if we stay quiet with ourselves. 

But what happens when we have a “safe” way to get away from things, or a more passive way to express ourselves that isn’t as terrifying?

The Sing Your Heart Out challenge is meant to get you expressing what’s inside without fear or retaliation from your own thoughts. You listen to the song, and then it’s over. 

Today’s Prompt:

How did you get involved in music? What was your first album? Was it the first one that got you linked to music? Do you remember the first album you bought that meant something to you? Tell me the story of how you and music  met. 

All my love,