You’re wrong, and that’s great.

“I’m always right, you should know this by now”. 
I’m guilty of saying this SO often to my friends. Mostly, I’m joking. Sure it feels good to be right…but how about when it doesn’t?

To me, being right has so many times gotten in the way of my learning, and it took about a year of me actively getting into discussions and arguments with close friends where I was trying to convince them of something to realize this. I had started a group on Facebook called “Oh The Humanity” where we discussed politics and human rights and boy did that make for heated arguments! (You should’ve seen election season.)

There are so many times when we get stuck on who is right and who isn’t, that we forget what the point of the whole discussion was to begin with. We insist on being heard, on proving the other person wrong, or showing them our point…but at what cost? 

If you are someone who likes to be right all the time (and you know who you are) think of a time where you were having a discussion with someone and what ended up happening was that you got to be right, and “win”…what might have you lost?

There have been discussions where I have had to stay quiet because I did not know how to continue the conversation without making it seem like I wanted to convince the other person. Even when others are “wrong” because what they’re arguing is something that is harmful somehow to humanity (for example, a political discussion about abortion), if we listen to the other person’s points of views and try to move ahead in the discussion instead of simply beating them down, we may learn something about the way they think, as a way to help us understand where they’re coming from and how to make better decisions and choices that might benefit humanity. 

I believe that it is the sign of a highly evolved mind to be able to have discussion where both parties disagree and yet they can still come to an understanding. I hope to get better and better at this as I get older, and for now, am grateful for my own awareness. 

What are some examples of things you have learned or moments where you have felt a TRUE victory due to you not letting your pride and ego get in the way?

Share your stories below! 

In the meantime, I hope today you’re wrong lots of times! šŸ˜‰ 


All my love,



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