Today is brought to you by the number nine

Let me tell you a little story about the number nine. 

The number nine has been following me around since I was a kid. Plane seat numbers, turn numbers, random reasons for numbers in addresses…I recently changed my cell phone and guess what? Half the numbers are 9. 

A few years ago I was having an extremely bad day that lasted for about a year or so. I was living in Florida, feeling like a total failure in regards to my life. (Quarter Life crisis, as it were.) No one I talked to understood what I was going through or grasped the gravity of the situation. I was sitting in front of a small lake, sobbing my eyes out, contemplating the unfairness of life (very melodramatic, you get the picture) when a mama duck and ducklings waddled over near me then one by one jumped in the lake. I had stopped crying suddenly, without really thinking about it, and was now counting the ducklings. Guess how many there were? That’s right. Nine. 

And suddenly, I was giggling. “Of course there’s nine ducklings.” I thought to myself. And I felt a surge of happiness. I hadn’t really been able to laugh in a while, maybe a week or so, and that surge of positive hormones was all I needed to really get me going and feeling so much better about myself. That day, the number  nine saved my life. And so I started a blog (that is no more) that was called “The Ninth”. It was about looking EVERY.SINGLE.DAY for something that made me feel a surge of happiness. No matter what it was, I had to find something that got me going, that made me smile. “Here are the reasons to smile, here are the reasons I choose to live”. And every day after that, I saved my own life by looking for my Ninth. 

That’s my story about my ninth. Do you have stories about numbers? 

This week, I invite you to look for your ninth. And then, if you wish…share with me below, or on Facebook or Twitter. I so look forward to smiling along with you. 

Have a fantastic day. 

All my love,



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