#LUPA Day 28: Let It Grow.

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You are approaching the end of a cycle…The end of the month, the end of this project. What other cycles are you currently ending…or beginning? It is essential to go into new cycles without baggage from past experiences in order to go into them with a mind clear of any residue left over by fear, prejudice, guilt, or any countless amounts of qualities that sometimes intrude on our intuition. 

I would say that the key to doing this is forgiveness. In order to be able to expand your mind, to be able to explore more of yourself, you have to let go of chains that hold you from old beliefs. By releasing old beliefs, you allow yourself to grow into your own wisdom, intelligence, intuition, understanding. 

You are your own obstacle to mental and emotional growth. Let yourself grow. 

Forgive, forget, leave behind…and look forward. If you were to release that…what would that look like? What would you enjoy? 

All my love,