#LUPA Day 27: Shut The Front Door.

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Have you ever had someone give you unwelcome advice? Insisting on giving people advice when they don’t ask for it invalidates their process. It is telling them to start thinking of the solution instead of going through the mental and emotional process that they need to at that given moment. 

Being quiet and giving people a place to speak is much more sacred, and wiser, than speaking while someone else is speaking. Not to mention, if you are thinking about what you will be saying next, then you are not truly listening to the person.

Today, try quietly counting up to 30 in your mind after someone is done talking. Be quiet, close your mouth, and see what happens, what you learn about someone else, about the situation, or about yourself. Listening to what others are really saying, and truly giving them a chance to come from their context and explain what they mean is key. 

Or, reflect on a time that quieting yourself brought you further wisdom. 


All my love,