#LUPA Day 26: Be the change

(To read about and become a part of  #LUPA, start here.

Today’s blog post is an extension of yesterday. If you were to make a list of words that you would use to “label” yourself, what would that list look like? Mine might be something like this:

  • Multi-cultural (French and Colombian!)
  • 30-something
  • Woman
  • Older sister
  • Eldest daughter

Those are just a few examples. These are words that I would use where I feel like I have some kind of responsibility. In other words, I have expectations of what someone who is multi-cultural “should” act like, for example they “should” be open-minded, probably more forward-thinking therefore also more patient towards others. I look at other people who I identify with the same labels, and then observe the judgment that I feel in regards to them and how it reflects where I am.

For example, there are many times when political changes cause one nationality or another to speak up more on my Newsfeed. I might see Mexicans putting up complaints about other Mexicans doing “nothing” in regards to the government, or Colombians might all speak up to criticize other Colombians for having voted for a specific candidate. 

While there is value in bringing awareness to issues, (I talked about this before) I like to actually bring change to issues. And the way that I do that, is by being what I believe an ideal _________ should be like. Maybe an ideal Colombian, or an ideal 30-year old woman. It goes with the saying, he who is free of sin cast the first stone. So instead of casting stones, I work on my “sins”, so to speak. So long as I’m causing change, I don’t find it as frustrating when others aren’t. Not to mention, it’s easier to make changes when you lead by example, that way others know what that looks like. 

How have YOU been an example of what you’d like to see in the world?

All my love,



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