#LUPA Day 25: Transformers

(To read about and become a part of  #LUPA, start here.

Some people believe that the world they live in, and as they know it, is the only world there is. The only “right” world, and that other people don’t know better for one reason or another. 

But I’ve seen change happening, how people redesign the system so that it’s closer to what we want. Some people transform their community, by coming up with concepts such as eco villages, or alternative living. Others transform how we do politics by becoming social activists. People create change around them, and the more  people do that, the more the transformation becomes a movement on a global scale. And so of course the more the movement moves  people, and inspires groups, and creates ripples and tidal waves of change. 

I like to question everything I can, and one of those things was what my work week looked like. It may not seem like a very controversial change, but then again, that’s not what finding joy for me is about. Finding joy for me is about contributing to the peace and harmony in the world. The more joy and ease I experience, the more I resonate that out into the world. 

So when I decided to go into my dream career, I decided I was also going to do it by recreating what it meant to be a professional. Who said that the work week had to be Monday-Friday then Saturday and Sundays are day off? Why does it have to be 5/2? I wanted to allow my work week room to breathe. If sometimes I wanted to work on a Sunday, it would be joyfully, and that meant sometimes take the middle of the week “off” to enjoy life or take a break if I felt like I needed it.

That was a tiny movement in my life that I made that changed how I saw “jobs” and “working” and “having a career”.

That’s what I did for myself personally. As far as everything else? I am a part of the movement of truth, ease, joy, love, music.

How have you transformed your life for yourself, and how have you transformed the world for others?  

All my love,


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