#LUPA Day 24: A merry unbirthday!

My birthday is the 22nd of December.

For my 29th birthday, I was in such a devastatingly negative place in my life, that five months later my mom suggested that we celebrate my half birthday once it came around to celebrate the vast changes I had made for the better in my life. At 29 and a half, I was doing much better.

Now, at 30 and a half, I think of the girl celebrating her 30th birthday and feel like I’ve done an even BETTER job. I don’t have to wait until a specific date comes around however. As far as I know I’m doing better than I was before, there’s always something to celebrate.

Today, have a happy merry UNbirthday by celebrating yourself at least once! What great changes have you made in the past 6 months? What transformations have you undergone since your last birthday?

Today, celebrate you because you’ve done a lot of hard work lately. There’s no need to be specific, simply celebrate your YOUness.