#LUPA Day 23 : Smile

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Everybody has everything they need to be happy, because all we need is our minds. When working with clients, however, I’ve heard them say “what I need to be happy is…” and it always ends up being about something much deeper. 

That is, if you do the work. Many times people just want a new toy, like a new car, a new phone, a new sound system. This will only bring you happiness so long as you have the toy, conditional happiness isn’t true happiness. Real happiness is when you are at peace in your heart with or without whatever you have. 

Sometimes, however, we think about physical things as a means to describe something we want at a deeper level. Wanting a house or a car might mean independence, a new phone might mean being able to communicate with friends, wanting friends might mean wanting company, wanting a family might mean wanting purpose…

For me, for example, one of the things I needed the most was cats. My maternal instinct kept kicking in but the biological clock part did not. At 30, I still very much do not want children. That being said, my desire to nurture was strong and I saw in cats a personality and understanding for life and spirituality that reminded me constantly of my own. Indeed, if I was going to “have children” to practice my teachings with, it would be cats. So I got cats, and took care of them. My happiness did not depend on the cats themselves, but the fact that I felt like something was missing because I didn’t have something to nurture. 

If we find what our deeper desire is, then we can find a way to satisfy it that is still within our control and power, a way to reach emotional peace. What is it you need right now to be happier? Are you satisfied? And if so, how did you get there?

All my love,




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