#LUPA Day 20 : The Wonder Years

Remember when you were a child how exciting everything was? 

Finding your favorite color in things, discovering animals that made you happy, touching different things to learn their textures, blowing bubbles and being happy to do just that…

Many times we think about wanting to go back to being a child, how easy and freeing things were, but without actually investing in the habits that might bring some of that child wonder back. Look around you and allow yourself to marvel at something for the first time. Or maybe for the first time again. Make a list of the things that used to get you excited as a child, and find yourself getting excited over them again! Bring joy and happiness back into your life with this easy little tool. Anything that allows for more joy in your life allows for more clarity, more ease. Let joy in!

Take pictures all day! šŸ™‚ 


What do you think?

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