#LUPA Day Nineteen: Making Sandwiches Can Be Spiritual

A couple of years ago I was talking to my extremely wise and close friend RF (who was then working at a deli) about how I no longer wanted to be working at retail or whatever other odd job there was because I was ready to be doing something more spiritual. I wanted to feel like what I did had love, higher purpose, and that would help people on a deeper level. 

He replied, “You think I want to be making sandwiches all day? When I first got to that job, everyone around me was a drone. Now, they’re all awake. You find how to make what you’re doing more spiritual. You make it worth it.”

His words stuck with me. I battled through trying to find more meaning in what I did, and it was that way that I was able to start doing what I wanted to be doing. I was living what I wanted to do. 

But I also learned a really important lesson…it isn’t about sometimes doing something you don’t want to be doing, but about doing it with consciousness. Doing it for love. For joy. 

Today, as you do menial tasks around the house, or go to your work, or do anything that may not be what you “want” to be doing, think of the joy it will directly or indirectly produce. Think of how it helps others. Think of how you’re bringing spirituality to your every day life.