#LUPA Day seventeen : Independence Day

Independence is something we talk about so much, and is so valued, yet have we ever stopped to think about how we define independence and how we’re making sure that aspect of us is nurtured? 

What does independence mean to you for you? Is it important to you? How do you foment it in your life? Do you give yourself a chance to be independent? What does look like? How does that serve you? 

For me Independence meant not only freedom, but self-love and self-joy. It meant being able to be by myself and enjoy it, and bask in it. Independence was and has been the air beneath my wings. It’s singing in the shower, and screaming out of car windows in tunnels. Sometimes independence is the quiet voice that sits there holding my hand as I contemplate nature, art, the night sky. Independence meant getting myself back for me. 

What does it mean for you?




What do you think?

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