#LUPA Day Sixteen: Anchors Aweigh

When I was a young teen traveler, I was always mesmerized by people who were highly patriotic, since being multi-cultural meant there was more than one country I loved, so I wasn’t sure how to identify with myself in that way. Eventually I realized how my attempt at trying to connect with a country was actually me trying to identify myself somehow. I wanted an identity based on what was outside of myself, something to hold on to. 

Eventually, I realized I was never going to find myself outside of myself. I was my own identity, I was my own self. 

This was a story that took years to develop, and when it finally did, I wanted to anchor in that sentiment. What do I mean by “anchoring in”? Think of a ship going through the ocean. It puts down its anchors when it needs to stop for whatever reason, it’s what keeps the ship sturdy and steady as the passengers continue to do their work. 

Imagine yourself as the ship and the ocean as life. Anchoring in a thought is when you stop for a moment to let what you’ve learned sink in and settle. It’s bringing it to an intentional reality. 

Think of what’s been going on inside of you, what types of thoughts do YOU want to “anchor in”? What are the lessons that have been going on, today take a moment to allow your lessons to really sink in. Take a picture. Let’s see it.