#LUPA Day fifteen – Look Inside

Today marks the half point of #LUPA. 

If you’ve been following the prompts every day, then you’ve been practicing self-awareness. Awareness is they key to change. They say “admitting that you have a problem is the first step to solving it” but before you can admit it, you have to see it. 

A lot of times we go into self-denial because we are afraid of the pain that goes with seeing. However, awareness does not mean judgment. 

When we break a bone and go to the doctor, the doctor does not judge the situation, he assesses it to determine what the best action steps are. Even a judge must objectively be aware of all situation before being able to draw a conclusion. 

Today, practice self-awareness without judgment. If you are used to practicing self-awareness, try being aware of things that you hadn’t been aware of before. Try being aware of your natural breathing, of your muscles, of how you hold your face when relaxed…Become aware of how you feel when your boss is speaking to you, a friend, a family member. Become aware of how you feel in one room, and then in another. Having the clear intention of being aware helps us be quiet and pay attention to the inner workings of our being, which is essential for the tune-ups we should be giving ourselves on a regular basis. 

Today, look inside. What do you see? 



What do you think?

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