#LUPA Day Eleven: Attracting

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For today’s Perspective readjustment prompt, I’d like to offer you my approach to that whole “Law of Attraction” thing in more of a “big picture” type of scheme.

Let’s say that there’s a problem in the world where suddenly all of the purple in the world is running out due to irresponsibility on all of our parts. And so people start to realize it, and they decide that something has to be done about it. There are two main ways that I have seen people react to an issue on a grand scale:

They either: A) Break off into a group of people that are going to talk about the problem.

or B) Break off into a group of people that are going to implement a solution to the problem. 

Which group do you think is actually going to provoke change?

A lot of times, the difference is in your attitude towards a problem. Sometimes bringing attention to an issue is bringing the appropriate awareness that it needs in order to study what the best solution is. And some times, it is just complaining.

The worst part is when a lot of people get together to complain about something, using “injustice” as an excuse to explain why they are placing themselves square in the role of victim that they so fervently preach against.

Society can victimize us, but ultimately it is we who choose to accept the role of victim.

That is an example of “attracting” how we think and what we want. If you want change, talk and promote change, do not talk and promote the problem. If you do not want to be victimized, continue to not be a victim, fight for the side that’s winning, not for the one still caught up in the problem.

What changes in your life, or within yourself have you been wanting to apply but haven’t? Where within you have you been fighting a losing battle? It can be something super tiny, or something major…what corners need dusting today?