#LUPA Day Seven: Sunday Value

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When I was going through the darkest periods of my life, I never took a job that was going to have me work on Sundays. 

Or rather, I shouldn’t say never…it happened, but it didn’t last. 

That’s because I assigned Sunday as me Mental Health Day for myself. Usually on Sundays things are closed and people don’t expect much of you, so I was “allowed” to do nothing and not feel guilty about it. That was a huge issue for me, taking care of myself mentally felt like something I wasn’t allowed to do on its own. Like spending a day of just making myself happy wasn’t an important enough endeavor that people should respect because we live in a society where you gotta “man up”, “not be a girl”, and “get over it”. Sunday, I could be a girl, and just figure out why I was so upset all the time. Do things to maybe get me by another day or to just rest. To not hate everything.  

People compare their own sadness and life to yours, and if they feel like they “got over it” easily, then so should you. The funny thing is how often we don’t just get over it. We actually end up stuffing our issues deep down inside us so they can come up and sneak out in other ways; alcoholism (so socially acceptable many people don’t realize they ARE alcoholics), passive aggression, toxic “masculinity”, putting up emotional walls…the list goes on.

Worse yet, it also develops in our body giving us different symptoms we wouldn’t think to relate to whatever issue it is we decided to stuff down our hearts. Things like dandruff, or pains in our muscles or organs, change in appetite, skin condition…our physical body tells us that our emotional body needs to be examined. 

But I never let go of that day because for me, it was a matter of survival. I needed that day of mental self-care to be as nice to myself as possible, and sometimes, all that meant was simply not being hard on myself, because being nice was too difficult. 

I called it, the “Sunday Value”. Or rather, the value of having days like Sunday. 

So today, appropriate for “day seven”, when God rested, on our first #LUPA Sunday, so shall we. Today, rest completely and utterly. Be a mother, be a boss, whatever is it you “have’ to do today. But be easy on yourself. And be easy on others. Kick up those socked toes and as my good friend Mittie says, use Sunday only to change from one pajama to the next. 

What’s your Sunday Value look like?