#LUPA Day Four: Look Up

Look up
Look up child sea the moon 
Look up sea the stars. 

Today look up while visiting places that you’ve been to before to see what they look like from a new perspective. Remember the wonder of being a child. Turn upside down, draw sideways, don’t just look at things from another perspective, see them from another perspective Take a picture each time. 

Today look up and be grateful for clear skies rain clouds a roof over your head. Take a picture.

Today look up and stretch out your arms to the sky, feel your vertebral column stretch, open your shoulders, stretch your sides, stretch your calves…feel your body. 

Today look up and take a moment to breathe when you’re frustrated. Is there a different way to approach the situation you’re in? Consider going over it with a friend you trust for some fresh perspective. Be open, don’t judge yourself as “wrong”. Stretch your body while doing this to get the energy moving, you’re probably all tense.  

Today look up, and make it a moment that will change that moment, make it better. Make a small decision that can improve your day. DAILY changes make LIFE changes. 

Today look up, and live intentionally.