#LUPA – Day Three: My happy meal.

Welcome to Day 3 of the #LUPA challenge! 

Remember, these prompts are especially designed for the Photo Adventure, but the photo adventure is made to give you intentional perspective, my gift to you for the next 29 days to help you re-establish positive habits. 

Those of you who know me, may know that I’m not a fan of cooking. I’m good at “preparing”, you know, putting together foods. Making things like pastas, sandwiches, and salads is something I’m good at and enjoy occasionally. That being said, there are times when I get in that “cooking zone”. If you’re anyone who’s even a little talented in the kitchen, you know what I’m talking about. The zone of concentration, of being one with the food, where you can feel just how much more spice something needs, or if you can get away with experimenting a bit or not today. 

I like to lay out all my ingredients first, put them together as if I were going to take a family picture of them, and then make my master piece like a witch over her cauldron, stirring and mixing as I think about the tasty meal I’ll be giving my body, as well as all the health I’m going to infuse it with through my love and gratitude. 

I’ve also been in situations where I have had absolutely no money, and the food that comes to me is food that was purchased by friends or family. Other days, it was a very particular job that allowed me the paycheck to buy the food that I am now putting together. Other days, it was the dish a friend made for me that filled my heart with warm gratitude. I like to think about where my food has come from. I’ve also eaten at farms where the food that I’m given is food that’s fresh from their ground, and that is one of my favorite things in the world. Eating something that someone grew, seeing their garden and knowing exactly where my food came from, and the state it was in, and how it was taken care of.You always want to feel good about what you’re eating. 

Were you caught in a situation where the only thing you could eat was something you felt was terrible for your body? Don’t feel bad about it! That’s the worst thing you can do. “Bless” the meal by being grateful for it, tell your body that it’s what it needs right now, and there’s a better chance of your body receiving it well. Don’t underestimate the placebo effect. 

With the days of Instagram came selfies and pics of our morning oatmeal, and today I’m telling you to relish in that. Take a moment to be grateful for one of the meals you’re going to be eating today, where does this meal come from? Has it been all your hard work? Has it been the joint effort of you and a partner, or you and family? Are you being supported by someone else? 

Look at your food as an act of love, whether it was you who provided for yourself, or someone else. Even better if the meal was prepared by or for you. Take a moment to think about how the different food is going to help you. What’s the purpose of each thing in your plate, and how is it going to fulfill it? 

What other daily acts do you pass up as an opportunity of self-care? Brushing your teeth? Taking a shower? Grooming? Taking time to meditate or medicate? 

Acknowledge the Happy in today’s meal. 

All my love,

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